Exams and Fittings

Contact Lenses

We offer the latest in Contact Lens Technology, and have a specialized exam to help select the correct contact lenses for you, as well as finding the correct fit.


When preparing your prescription, an optometrist compiles a large amount of data from a variety of tests. We measure the shape and curve of your eyeball using the latest equipment available for the most accurate results. Meibography identifies the quality of your tears, while corneal topography creates a three-dimensional image of your cornea.

Our exam rooms are outfitted with Medmont Corneal Topographers, considered the gold standard for fitting specialty contact lenses.


Before the exam, we take the time to find out about your expectations and your lifestyle. We may ask you about your hobbies and athletic endeavours to better suggest the right lenses for you. This information, combined with your exam results, gives us a clear vision for the most suitable lenses. A properly fitted contact lens is comfortable, provides clear vision, and is safe for your eyes.

Choosing the Right Contact For Your Life

Contact lenses come in a variety of types and wearing schedules. Depending on your lifestyle, you may choose from daily disposables to extended wear. If typical contacts don’t fit your eyes because of high astigmatism or keratoconus, an optometrist may suggest a specialty contact lenses for you.