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Dry Eyes

The world has changed, and we are here to help take care of your eyes!
The more you ZOOM, Facetime, and work on the computer, the more blue light you are exposed to.
This can have a negative long term impact on your eyes, and cause dry eyes. We can diagnose and treat this, and help you avoid it in the future.

Do You Need a Dry Eye Assessment?

With the increase in screen time we have all experienced in the past several months our eyes are being strained and subjected to more blue light leading to multiple health implications ranging from
brain fog, to an increased chance of diabetes.

Both adults and children that spend time in front of screens should be assessed.

At Look Optometry, we have diagnostic equipment that is quick and easy for the whole family.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is the light that your phone, tablet, tv, and computer screen emits.
It is a wavelength of light that is reflected by our eyes that is extremely short compared to other types of light, such as red or yellow.

Blue light produces higher amounts of energy vs other types of light. Since blue light is 2x shorter than red light, this leads to more energy being consumed by our eyes at a faster rate than other lights.

Too much blue light can case Dry Eye in addition to a number of other side effects.

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