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Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Shailinder S. Bhullar

After watching a documentary on the lack of vision care in developing countries, Dr. Bhullar was inspired to work in the field of Optometry. Born and raised in Kitimat, BC, Dr. Bhullar moved to Vancouver to study Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University. He later studied Optometry at the New England College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Bhullar completed various externships in several different modes of practice, including focussing on dry eyes and complex contact lens fits.

As a passionate spokesperson for Optometry, Dr. Bhullar has been featured in various radio, TV, and print media outlets to educate the public about eye and vision care. Dr. Bhullar also uses his expertise to conduct free vision screenings and health fairs for various camps around the world.

Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Preetpal (Sunny) Saggu

Place of Birth: Born and raised in Surrey BC

Favourite Food: Pizza. More specifically homemade pizza. The secret is in the dough.

Hobbies: Hobbies are working out, playing ball hockey and walks/hikes with the family.

Experience in Optometry/Opticinary: My experience with Optometry started when I volunteered with Dr Bhullar in 2009.  I was then hired by the team at Look Optometry and continued to work with Dr Bhullar until going to optometry school in 2011at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. I Graduated in 2015 and moved back to Surrey and began working at Look Optometry and never looked back.

What Do You Love About the Eyes: I love that the eyes tell us so much about us!  Not only are our eyes responsible for vision but there are so many things you can tell about a person from their eyes.  Many health conditions can present with changes to our eyes and in some cases we can be the first to help diagnose certain conditions.

Fear You Have Overcome in the Last 10 Years: I don't know if it's necessarily a fear but the biggest hurdle for me personally in the past 10 years was moving away for optometry school. I had always lived in Surrey since I was born and moving away from home to another Country was definitely challenging but like most things that are difficult in life I feel like I became a better person because of it.  Not only do I feel like I was able to grow academically and professionally by attending optometry school but I definitely had a lot of personal growth and learned to do a lot of new things.

Why You Love Working at Look Optometry: I love the atmosphere that we have created at Look. I feel our team includes individuals who share a similar mission of helping others and spreading positive energy. As a member of the South Asian community I also enjoy the opportunity to be able to provide eye exams in Punjabi to individuals who may have otherwise neglected their eye health without that option.

Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Vanessa Wang

Dr. Vanessa Wang grew up in Toronto, Ontario. After completing her Doctorate of Optometry at the Illinois College of Optometry in 2008, Dr. Wang journeyed back west, excited to practice in her birthplace of Surrey, BC.

Dr. Wang places a high value on family and overall health. She focused her specialty in paediatrics(A branch of Optometry that involves care of infants, children, and adolescents). She is multi-talented and speaks four languages!

Your Optical Team

Team Leader


Place of Birth: Houston, Texas

Favourite Food: Seafood

Hobbies: Hitting the gym, playing soccer, making TikTok videos and fashion.

Experience in Optometry/Opticianary: Licensed Optician + Contact Lens Fitter; special interest in making patients look and feel good

Fear You Have Overcome in the Last 10 Years: The fear of failure and change

Why You Love Working at Look Optometry: Look Optometry is a family, to me it’s not just a job but a place where I can practice what I love and continue to grow everyday.



Born and raised in Prince George, Suman brings a fun and professional vibe to the team. A licensed optician by training, she’s the multi-talented voice and smile you often first meet when greeted at Look Optometry.  She has an intrinsically high value on family and connection, which makes her one of the team’s best problem solvers and connectors. She is one of the many dog lovers on the team, who spends a lot of time with her dog Sheru along with her husband. 

Meet the team

Simran Rai

Place of Birth: Born and raised in Surrey, BC

Favourite Food: Pizza

Hobbies: Painting, hiking, swimming and traveling

Fear You Have Overcome in the Last 10 Years: The fear I have overcome in the past 10 years was my fear of dogs and now I have a pet dog.

Why You Love Working at Look Optometry: I love the work environment.

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