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Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Shailinder S. Bhullar

After watching a documentary on the lack of vision care in developing countries, Dr. Bhullar was inspired to work in the field of Optometry. Born and raised in Kitimat, BC, Dr. Bhullar moved to Vancouver to study Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University. He later studied Optometry at the New England College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Bhullar completed various externships in several different modes of practice, including focussing on dry eyes and complex contact lens fits.

As a passionate spokesperson for Optometry, Dr. Bhullar has been featured in various radio, TV, and print media outlets to educate the public about eye and vision care. Dr. Bhullar also uses his expertise to conduct free vision screenings and health fairs for various camps around the world.

Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Preetpal (Sunny) Saggu

A graduate from SFU in Cell Molecular Biology, before Graduating from Pacific University College of Optometry in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Saggu is our local hometown hero, who’s born and raised in Surrey. 

Dr. Saggu enjoys the primary care aspect of Optometry.  This is where he gets to not only see and meet new people but, is able to see them grow up. He’s been with the team for 10+ years.  Seeing the same patients year after year, he loves to see how people progress through school, career and life.  He regularly participates in educational seminars and dedicates large portions of his time to keeping up with advances in vision care.

Dr. Saggu has been playing organized hockey for nearly 20 years. He’s not only well versed in his field of study but tries to ensure he leads by example with all the little things. He’s one of those individuals that loves being outdoors and lives a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s hiking, doing trails, walking his dogs or heading out with his family, he lives and loves health and vitality.

Doctor of Optimetry

Dr. Vanessa Wang

Dr. Vanessa Wang grew up in Toronto, Ontario. After completing her Doctorate of Optometry at the Illinois College of Optometry in 2008, Dr. Wang journeyed back west, excited to practice in her birthplace of Surrey, BC.

Dr. Wang places a high value on family and overall health. She focused her specialty in paediatrics(A branch of Optometry that involves care of infants, children, and adolescents). She is multi-talented and speaks four languages!

Your Optical Team



Born in Warsow, Poland where she worked in the genetics lab of a children’s hospital. She’s a natural born problem solver who puts her 30+ years of lens edging to work. Being a photographer and shooting for decades on the best names in the industry. She has been working with lenses and light, her entire life. 

An avid reader, who has a breadth of knowledge and understanding of world history. She’s a traveller who’s seen the world through her own lenses which has allowed her to show up authentically. Her love of people and details is what makes her so valuable to the Look team.



Born and raised in Prince George, Suman brings a fun and professional vibe to the team. A licensed optician by training, she’s the multi-talented voice and smile you often first meet when greeted at Look Optometry.  She has an intrinsically high value on family and connection, which makes her one of the team’s best problem solvers and connectors. She is one of the many dog lovers on the team, who spends a lot of time with her dog Sheru along with her husband. 



Having had vision problems growing up, he’s set his focus on studying the eyes. He’s joining a longer list of people wanting to be mentored and work at Look Optometry to fulfill his vision of becoming a Doctor of Optometry.

Usama is unique as his vision in life. Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Surrey, he’s a connector, loves biology and fashion.  He’s working to establish himself as an Optician. He brings a fun loving, free and focused personality to the team. His love of health, gets him out playing soccer, ice hockey, football and gymnastics. 

Fashion and Shopping is a huge part of his lifestyle. He’ll go out of his way to make sure you look and feel good in what you wear.

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