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Our culture is built around learning. Each year we travel the globe research the latest technolgies and techniques. This allows us to be one of the most innovative clinics in the North America. We invest heavily into Technology, Equipment and staff training, so we can be the first to offer the services that can transform lives.

All ages

Eye Exam

Full comprehensive eye examination, with same day glasses.

Ultra wide HD Retina and Cornea imaging to capture more than 80% or 200˚of the retina in a blink (0.5 second capture), to discover, diagnose, document and treat disease and pain (ocular pathology) which may go undetected using traditional examination techniques and equipment.

Adult Eye Exams

Children's Eye Exams

Seniors Eye Exam

Diabetic eye exam

Contact lens exam

Laser Surgery Consultation


Dry Eyes

Many people suffer from dry eyes and do not know that there are treatments available!  

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is the most common cause of dry eyes, accounting for 86% of dry eyes.


Providing preservative free artificial tears, including gel drops.

Meibography (Gland Assessment)

Optimizing the health of the glands with Bruder and OcuSci Compresses

Providing LipiFlow treatment, where 85% of patients showed improvement with MGD function and symptoms with a single treatment.

1st Clinic in Canada to provide Blephex Treatments to clean the Eyelids


Scleral Lenses

Lenses for the most challenging eye conditions  

A modern miracle for to help those with even the most challenging corneal distortion, post trauma irregularities, and severe dry eyes. Scleral lenses can bring back vision that was lost for years with amazing comfort!

Medmont Topography used for all fits

Fitting kits in house

Certified for Mulit-Focal Lenses

What patients are saying about LOOK

Acknowledged as a leading clinic in North America by Peers, Industry Experts & Patients

“Dr. Bhullar has been our family Optometrist for over 6 years. He is really great with the kids and always makes them feel at ease. Thanks to him and the entire team at Look Optometry they make the experience enjoyable. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and always there to help with any questions or concerns you may have. They have a excellent selection of frames and lenses to choose from.”
Poonam McQueen

★★★★★, Google Verified Review

“Amazing clinic! The entire staff is very friendly and welcoming as soon as you walk in the door. Dr. Bhullar is extremely professional, knowledgeable and very easy to get along with as he’s very laid back and grounded as well.

I would recommend him to anyone. I’ve been going to optometrists for years, but never learned as much about my eyes as I did in one visit with Dr. Bhullar.”

Bal Sidhu

★★★★★, Google Verified Review

“I got my brand new glasses today. I love them!!! I didn’t think I’d ever say that about wearing glasses again, but I absolutely love my frames. They suit my personality and I feel cool. 

I like the new and improved me.

Every time I see my reflection, I love what I see looking back at me. Thank you to the entire LOOK OPTOMETRY team ????.”

Lexa Penndari

★★★★★, Google Verified Review

Optimizing Vision

Proactive Health Assessments,

Rather than Reactive Care.  

If you experience any of the following symptoms, we keep available same and next day appointments: 

  • Loss of vision or decreased vision in one or both eyes
  • Changes in vision such as sudden spots, flashes of light, lightning streaks or jagged lines of light, wavy or watery vision, blurry faces, distortions or wavy lines, haloes around lights, double vision
  • Changes in the field of vision such as shadows, curtain-like loss of vision, black spots or blurriness in central or peripheral (side) vision
  • Physical changes to the eye such as crossed eyes, eyes that turn in, out, up or down, pain, signs of infection (redness, swelling, discharge, etc.)
  • Changes in colour vision

We studied the body & fell in love with the eyes


The eye is the second most complex organ in our body (after the brain). It is composed of more than 2 million operational parts which can process 36,000 bits of information every hour.  It is one of the most complex and awe inspiring aspects to life. We are fortunate our patients refer us to their family and friends so we can share our insights each and every day. 

The gateway to the soul and lense to health


“Carl Sagan famously observed that we are made of star stuff, but that star stuff in turn is made of atoms — the fundamental building blocks of nature — and there are more atoms in the human eye than there are stars in the known universe.”
~ Neil de Grasse Tyson (Astronomer)

Patient Focused.
Technology Driven.
Results Oriented.


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Mind & Body Emphasis


Nutrition Foundation


Longterm Health Prioritized




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Optimizing Your Vision for Optimal Health

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Optimal Vision Plan

See and Be Seen

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