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At Look Optometry, we are dedicated to providing you with the absolute best eye care possible. Our highly-trained optometrists have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat even the most complex of eye issues. 

We are proudly rated Surrey’s #1 optometry clinic and as one of the most innovative clinics in North America, we invest heavily in technology, equipment, and staff training so that we can be the first to offer services and treatment options that can transform our patients’ lives.

If you’re looking to book an eye exam or would like to consult an eye specialist, please feel free to reach out to us at Look Optometry - we have the best eye doctors in Surrey and the Vancouver area and our team is looking forward to meeting you.Describe product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common condition affecting many people. When the tears you produce do not provide enough lubrication for your eyes, it can lead to discomfort and irritation. Many people suffer from dry eyes in silence, not knowing that there are treatment options available to them. If left untreated, dry eyes can progressively get worse, causing harmful damage to your eyes and possibly infection.

Dry eyes can be caused by a few different factors. In order for us to determine the root cause of your dry eye syndrome, we must evaluate the quantity and quality of your tears. There are several methods that can be used to accomplish this. 

One method that we use at Look Optometry is a technique called meibography. This process analyzes your meibomian glands, which line the edges of your eyelids and secrete an oil that helps keep your tears from evaporating. The evaporation of the water content in your tears is what causes dry eyes. Meibography is a specialized technique that lets us collect detailed information about the quality of your tears.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

- Stinging, burning, or scratchy sensation in your eyes

- Feeling as if something is in your eyes

- Sensitivity to light

- Red eyes

- Increased discomfort or difficulty wearing contact lenses

- Difficulty driving at night

- Blurred vision

- Eye fatigue Mucus in or around your eyes

Think you’re suffering from dry eyes? Book an appointment with us today.

The friendly and experienced team at Look Optometry will help evaluate the quantity and quality of your tears and if needed, can recommend a personalized treatment option for you. There are various solutions that can help improve your eye comfort and eye health and our dedicated team will help determine which solution is best suited for you.

Vision Shaping Treatment


Myopia (or more commonly referred to as nearsightedness) is a common vision condition affecting many people all around the world. It is estimated that almost half of the United States population has myopia, while it affects nearly 90% of the population in China. Myopia is a progressive disorder and more and more children are diagnosed with it each year. Myopia is often genetic, meaning it runs in the family. It’s possible for myopia to develop gradually or rapidly and can often worsen during childhood.

At Look Optometry, we are very proud to offer orthokeratology (ortho k). Ortho K is a treatment where no laser is needed.

Book with one of our doctors who have travelled the world taking courses in this field and have the latest technologies to help fit their patients with the best materials to provide the best vision.

Symptoms of Myopia

- Blurry vision when look at objects in the distance

- Squinting in order to see clearly

- Headaches as a result of eyestrain

- Increased difficulty seeing when driving at night

If you believe you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of myopia listed above, we recommend you book an eye exam with one of our highly professional optometrists at Look Optometry. Myopia is just one of the different types of refractive errors and can easily be diagnosed by completing a regular eye exam. Other types of refractive errors that can be diagnosed through an eye exam are hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism.

Common treatment options for myopia include prescription eyeglasses, prescription contact lenses, or refractive surgery. At Look Optometry, we are very proud to offer orthokeratology (referred to as “Ortho-K” for short) as a treatment option. Ortho-K, also known as corneal refractive therapy, is a treatment that doesn’t require the use of a laser. This procedure involves wearing specially fitted gas permeable contact lenses overnight. The orthokeratology contact lenses gently reshape the cornea while you sleep, which results in improved eyesight the following day. Ortho-K is also a common and effective treatment option for patients experiencing low levels of astigmatism.

Orthokeratology contact lenses are only worn by patients overnight, so they don’t need to be worn during the day. People who are treating their myopia or astigmatism with orthokeratology contact lenses will need to continue wearing them for it to work and be effective. If a patient discontinues the use of orthokeratology lenses, their vision will return to how it was initially and they may experience blurred vision once again.

Some additional risks involved with myopia include cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachments. Book an eye exam with one of eye doctors today and we can guide you through everything you need to know about myopia. Some of our eye doctors have even travelled the world, completing courses in this field. We ensure that we have the latest technology at Look Optometry to help us fit you with the best material and products so that we can provide you with the best vision possible.

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

We know that the thought of surgery can be a nerve-wracking one. Especially when it comes to such a sensitive and vital part of your body like your eyes. When you’re ready to discuss laser eye surgery options, our team at Look Optometry is here to help. We offer the most in-depth information about undergoing laser eye surgery and can answer any of your questions, hopefully helping to remove some of the fear or concerns you have about the operation.

We are well connected with the best ophthalmologists in the Surrey area and can provide a referral if needed. Our eye doctors are also well-versed in the proper care methods for refractive surgery, both pre and post operation. We’re committed to helping you feel safe, confident, and prepared for laser eye surgery, should you need it.

As with any type of surgery, you need to consult your doctor first. In this case, an eye doctor. An ophthalmologist will need to evaluate whether you’re a good candidate to receive laser eye surgery. Some factors to consider are your eye health, your overall health, and the possible side effects or health risks associated with the procedure.

There are a number of laser eye surgery options

Types of refractive surgeries

- LASIK (Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis)

- LASEK (Laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy)

- FLEx (Femtosecond Lenticule Extraction)

- SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction)

- PRK (photorefractive keratectomy)

- epi-LASIK (Epithelial laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis)

Oftentimes, you’ll hear people use the term “LASIK” interchangeably to encompass all types of refractive surgery. The most common types of refractive surgery are LASIK and PRK. LASIK is a popular surgical treatment option for many to correct refractive errors like astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia.

Risks of LASIK Eye Surgery

- Dry eyes - A common risk or side effect of LASIK surgery is having dry eyes due to decreased production of tears. Six months following your surgery, you may suffer from unusually dry eyes, which in turn can hinder your vision. A common treatment for dry eyes are eye drops specially prescribed by your eye doctor.

- Glare, halos, and double-vision - After your surgery, you may experience difficulty seeing at night, lasting up to a few weeks. You may also suffer from double-vision, increased sensitivity to light, and glare and halos around bright lights.

- Undercorrection - It’s possible that the LASIK surgery doesn’t produce the results you were expecting due to an undercorrection. You may need to undergo another LASIK procedure in a year to get the desired results.

- Astigmatism - Uneven tissue removal may cause astigmatism and may require additional procedures in order to correct.

- Regression - If your vision slowly returns to your original prescription, you may be going through a regression. 

- Vision less - Although rare, there is a slight possibility of vision loss or a decrease in vision sharpness or clarity after surgery.

Book an appointment online We’ll help answer any questions you have and together we can determine whether laser eye surgery is the right choice for you.

Scleral Lenses
Contact Lenses

Scleral Lenses

At Look Optometry, we specialize in scleral lenses, a modern miracle to help those with even the most challenging corneal distortion, post trauma irregularities, and severe dry eyes. If you were a poor candidate for wearing contact lenses in the past, scleral lenses may be the alternative solution. Scleral lenses can comfortably bring back vision that had previously been lost for years.

Scleral contact lenses are large-diameter, gas permeable contact lenses, designed to cover the entire corneal surface. The scleral lens essentially replaces the irregular cornea with a perfectly smooth surface. This helps to treat and correct vision issues due to keratoconus or other corneal problems. Scleral lenses are also an effective treatment option for severe dry eyes, which otherwise would’ve made it very difficult to wear contact lenses.

Properly fitting scleral lenses are of the utmost importance to ensure that the cornea and scleral lens do not touch. Our eye doctors at Look Optometry are experts at helping you find the most comfortable, healthy, and perfect fit. Book an eye exam with us today and we can evaluate whether scleral lenses are a good option for you. We have the best optometrists, staff, and technology at our office in Surrey and are eager to help you. If you’re in the Vancouver area and are looking to speak with an eye specialist, feel free to give us a call or visit us in store.

Expert eye care

Diabetic Eye Exam

People with diabetes will need to pay extra attention to their eye health. It’s important that they take special care of their eyes as they are more likely to develop a number of eye disorders. 

One such eye complication due to diabetes is called diabetic retinopathy, which is caused by damage to the blood vessels of the retina. With uncontrolled blood sugar levels, diabetic retinopathy can develop from both type 1 or type 2 diabetes. 

It’s likely that you won’t notice any symptoms in the early stages of diabetic retinopathy, but once you do, some of them may include the following.

Symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy

- Spots or dark floating objects in your vision

- Blurred vision

- Impaired colour vision

- Fluctuating vision

- Dark or blind spots in your vision

- Vision loss

People with diabetes are more at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy due to the following factors.


- Uncontrolled blood sugar level

- High blood pressure

- High cholesterol levels

- Pregnancy

- Use of tobacco

- Being of African American, Hispanic, or Native American descent

Diabetic retinopathy is not always preventable, but having regular eye exams and focusing on controlling your blood sugar and blood pressure levels will help. You can reduce your risk of developing diabetic retinopathy by focusing on the following:


- Manage your diabetes by eating healthy and incorporating physical activity into your daily routine.

- Monitor your blood sugar level by keeping on top of testing. Consult with your doctor to determine how often you should be checking your blood sugar.

- Manage your blood pressure and cholesterol levels by eating healthy and engaging in physical activity. If needed, take medication that will help keep your blood pressure and cholesterol level under control.

- Consider quitting smoking as the use of tobacco can increase the risk of diabetes complications like diabetic retinopathy.

- Pay attention to any changes in your vision and contact your eye doctor immediately if you experience sudden blurred or spotty vision.

At Look Optometry, we’re always willing to go the extra mile for any of our patients with diabetes so that they can live their best life. We are dedicated to having the latest technology in our office so that we can better help, serve, and treat our patients.

Specialized Eye Care Experts

If you’re looking for specialized eye care from experienced eye specialists in Surrey, look no further than Look Optometry. We are rated Surrey’s #1 optometry clinic and have the best eye doctors and eye specialists in the Vancouver area. Whether you want to book a basic eye exam, book a contact lens fitting, or receive laser eye surgery consultation, we are here to help with all of it, and more.

Our optometrists have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat even the most complex of eye issues.

As one of the most innovative clinics in the North America, we invest heavily into technology, equipment and staff training, so we can be the first to offer the services that can transform lives.

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