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We offer full comprehensive eye exams, with same day glasses.

The Best Eye care Starts With an Annual Exam

Adult Eye Exams

Regular checkups are the best way to take care of your eyes. Maintaining your vision and ocular health with annual visits could make the difference between a lifetime of fantastic eyesight and serious vision loss.

One hour, once a year, is all it takes to ensure your eyes are functioning well and free from disease, or detect early warning signs for conditions like glaucoma and cataracts.


Warm, Safe & Relaxed

Children's Eye Exams

Kids can be nervous about visiting the optometrist, especially for their first visit. We never ask the parent to leave the exam room. We keep the environment relaxed, so your children can be at ease while they are here.

When you bring your children to our clinic, you can feel confident about the care they receive here. We don’t expect them to act like adults, we let them be kids. The eye exam is tailored to them, with extra time devoted to their questions and to ensure they are comfortable and calm for each portion of the exam. The machines we use are big, but they are quiet and non-invasive.

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