Summer Sports in Surrey, BC: Eye Protection Tips from Look Optometry

Summer in Surrey means sun, sports and getting outside. Whether you’re hiking at Bear Creek Park, kayaking on the Serpentine River or playing a game at Cloverdale Athletic Park, you need to protect your eyes from the summer sun. At Look Optometry, we have you covered with the best tips and products to keep your eyes and skin safe while you play.

Why Eye Protection Matters in Summer

With so many outdoor activities, it’s easy to forget how important eye protection is. UV rays, dust, water and impact injuries can all harm your eyes. Here’s how to do summer eye safety and keep your eyes safe while enjoying the best of Surrey’s summer sports.

Summer Eye Protection Essentials

Sunglasses with UV Protection:
Surrey’s sunny days are made for getting outside, but UV rays can harm your eyes. Get a good pair of sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. At Look Optometry, we recommend wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses for glare reduction, especially if you’re spending time outdoors, on the water or on reflective surfaces like tennis courts. Check out our Understanding UV Protection blog for more information! 

Sport-Specific Eyewear:
Different sports require different protection. For high-impact sports like soccer or baseball, consider polycarbonate contact lenses. They’re impact-resistant and won’t compromise your vision. We have a variety of sport specific eyewear at Look Optometry to suit your needs.

Goggles for Water Sports:
Swimming in local swimming pools or at White Rock Beach? Chlorine and saltwater can irritate your eyes, causing discomfort, irritation and infections. Protective swim goggles are a must. We have a variety of comfortable, high-quality goggles to keep your eyes safe while you dive into the next pool for fun.

Hydration and Eye Drops:
Staying hydrated is good for your body and essential for your eyes, too. Dehydration can cause dry eyes especially during physical activity. Keep fresh water or a bottle of artificial tears handy to refresh your watery eyes, even during breaks. Our optometrists at Look Optometry can recommend the best eye drops for you.

Hats and Visors:
Adding an extra layer of protection with a hat or visor will shield your exposed skin and eyes from direct sun. This is especially useful for activities like running or cycling along Surrey’s Green Timbers Urban Forest trails.

Local Sports and Eye Safety

Hiking and Trail Running:
Surrey has many trails to explore. Check out these top 10 trails in Surrey! When hiking or trail running in places like Bear Creek Park make sure your eyes are protected from dust, debris and overhanging branches. Sunglasses with wrap-around frames wear eye protection and can give you extra protection.

Water Sports:
Kayaking on the Serpentine River or paddleboarding at Crescent Beach are great ways to spend a summer day. Reflective or other highly reflective surfaces, like water, can increase the risk of UV exposure, so UV-protective sunglasses are a must. Don’t forget to wear your goggles to protect against water splashes and potential irritants. Discover more water sports Surrey has to offer!

Team Sports:
Playing soccer, baseball or cricket at Cloverdale Athletic Park? Polycarbonate sports glasses or goggles are a must. They protect dry eyes against flying balls, accidental elbows and other hazards. Proper eyewear means you can play confidently and safely. Check out all the team sports you can sign up for this summer!

Cycling in Surrey:
Cycling is big in Surrey with many scenic routes like the Tynehead Park trails. Make sure your eyes are protected from wind, insects and UV rays with wrap-around sunglasses or cycling-specific eyewear.

Beyond Protection: Performance with the Right Eyewear

Enhanced Vision for Precision Sports:
For sports that require precision, like archery or golf, having the right eyewear can make a big difference. Look Optometry has custom lenses that enhance contrast and clarity so you can see every detail and make accurate decisions.

Night and Low-Light Sports:
If you’re cycling in the evening or running in the early morning, consider eyewear with low-light lenses. These lenses help you see in low light conditions, reduce eye strain and improve safety. Our optometrists can help you choose the best to wear sunglasses or contact lenses for you.

Regular Eye Exams: Your Best Defense

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Regular eye exams will ensure your vision is top-notch and your eyes are healthy. Book an appointment with our team at Look Optometry to get personalized advice on eye injury and get your eyes ready for the summer sports season.

Eye Safety Tips for Different Sports

Beach Volleyball:
Playing volleyball at Crescent Beach? Sand and sun can be harsh on your eyes. Sunglasses with UV filters and side shields will prevent sand from getting in your eyes and protect distorted vision against harmful rays of sunlight.

Mountain Biking:
Surrey’s bike parks and trails are a blast. Protect your eyes from dirt, debris and branches with tough, impact-resistant glasses. Clear or photochromic lenses are great for changing light conditions.

Tennis and Pickleball:
Fast-paced sports require quick reflexes and sharp vision. Polarized sunglasses reduce glare so you can track the ball better and play your best.

Fishing at Serpentine River? c are a must to reduce water glare and see below the eye's surface well, so you can fish and protect your eyes from sun's rays.

Local Tip: Get Involved in the Community

Surrey is a community that loves to get outside and active. Join a summer sports league or participate in the Surrey International World Music Marathon and get active and social. Don’t forget to protect your most protecting eyes from sports, during these activities so you can enjoy them fully.

Join a Local Sports League:
Joining a local sports league is a great way to get fit and make new friends. Whether it’s soccer, softball or ultimate frisbee these leagues have a strong sense of community. Just remember to gear up with the right eye protection!

Attend Community Events:
Surrey has many community events during the the summer months, from outdoor concerts to marathons. These events are a great way to get outside and be part of the community. Wear your sunglasses and hats so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

Family Fun Days:
Many parks in Surrey have family fun days with activities for all ages. Bring the kids, pack a picnic and have a day of games and fun. Make sure everyone has sunglasses and hats for maximum sun protection.

Why Proper Eye Protection Matters

Long-Term Eye Health:
Proper eye protection now can prevent long term damage such as cataracts and macular degeneration from UV exposure. Investing in good eyewear is an investment in your future eye health.

Improved Performance:
Good vision is key to performing well in sports. With proper protection and the right eyewear, you can perform better, whether it’s seeing the trail clearly while hiking or tracking a fast-moving ball in soccer.

Comfort and Focus:
Wearing the right protective eyewear can reduce distractions from glare, wind and debris. So you can focus better on your sport and enjoy your activity without discomfort.

Style and Confidence:
Modern protective eyewear is not only functional but also fashionable. At Look Optometry, we have a range of cool options to keep you looking good while keeping your eyes safe.

By following these tips and always wearing sunglasses and the right gear, you can keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear while enjoying all of Surrey’s summer sports. Whether you’re a casual enthusiast or a serious athlete Look Optometry is here for your eye care needs. Let’s have a safe, fun and great, healthy summer!

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